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Current Projects

Fair Trade Outreach Coordinator, MCIC – working for the Manitoba Council for International Co-operation (MCIC) and its Fair Trade Manitoba (FTM) program, educating on and promoting fair trade around the province.  Fair trade ensures that global Southern producers receive a just return for their products and labour, work in a safe and respectful place, don’t harm the natural environment by their efforts, and see a premium paid to fund local health and education in their communities.

This work increases merchant and consumer awareness of fair trade; institutional, government and community policies and action on fair trade and ethical purchasing; and joint efforts by a range of organizations, churches, schools, credit unions, Community Economic Development (CED) groups, business and labour to promote and use fair trade products. 

With support from MCIC / FTM, active adult and youth citizens in the Rural Municipality of Gimli organized a fair trade initiative that worked to meet all the criteria leading to the community being declared a Fair Trade Town, as recognized by Fair Trade Canada, on July 1, 2009. 

Gimli also followed up by developing a twinning relationship with Mwanza, Tanzania and supporting a project, with Youth Community Partnership and MCIC, that aims to alleviate environmental problems facing Lake Victoria and connect youth in that area with Gimli youth concerned about Lake Winnipeg.

Brandon became a designated 
Fair Trade Town on May 20, 2014. Active committee are working to make Winnipeg and other Manitoba communities fair trade towns as well.

Stonewall Collegiate
became a designated fair trade school in 2015 and Gimli High School  became one in 2016.

Check out MCIC, and Fair Trade Manitoba.

President, Canadian Fair Trade Network  a new national effort to organize the fair trade movement in our country, the CFTN has a Board of representatives from most Canadian provinces and regions and our staff includes Executive Director Sean McHugh, based in Vancouver (

Annual General Meeting and Conferences of the CFTN have been held in Toronto in 2014, at McGill University in Montreal in 2015, and in Winnipeg in 2016. The next one will be in Halifax on February 24 - 26, 2017. Subsidies will be available to help people connected to the fair trade movement with travel and accommodation. (For more information: Halifax February 2017.)

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Chair, Youth Community Partnership – a youth-led project in Gimli, Manitoba involving Gimli High School students and alumni.  YCP seeks to harness the talents and energy of youth to identify and take action on community issues, including the environment, recreation, healthy lifestyles, international assistance and the role and voice of youth as decision-makers.  YCP has been awarded the Premier’s Voluntary Service Award, Rural Forum “Youth Achievement in Community Development” Award, and the Excellence in Sustainable Development Award from the Province (Community Group Category). 

Member, Manitoba Round Table for Sustainable DevelopmentThe MRT was established by the Manitoba Government, and is chaired by the Minister of Conservation, to offer advice and ideas on policies and programs related to such issues as agriculture, water stewardship, climate change, housing and waste management from the perspective of the three pillars of sustainable development – economic, environmental and social.  

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Manitoba Round Table.