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MCIC – The Manitoba Council for International Co-operation is an
umbrella organization of 40 member agencies involved in Third World
development projects and / or public engagement / education activities in

Fairtrade Canada – Our national certification body for fair trade products and a major promoter of fair trade ideas and products. 

Canadian Fair Trade Network – The CFTN is a national effort to organize the fair trade movement in our country. Take a look at the CFTN website to learn how your town, campus, school, workplace, event, or faith group can achieve "fair trade" designation.
Take a few minutes to read the Fair Trade Magazine online.

Sustainable Foundations
– This is a free downloadable guide for teaching the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It is also available in hard copy through MCIC.

The Marquis Project. – Based in Brandon, this is a southwestern Manitoba  international development organization with community-based projects in Tanzania and other countries. It also specializes in fair trade promotion and education in Manitoba. See Marquis Project Puts Brandon on World Map as well as Live Well, Do Good and our latest newsletter.

Slavery Footprint – This website has lots of excellent information about the topics of modern slavery and child labour.  It also has a quiz that anyone can fill out in a few minutes that will tell you “how many slaves work for you.” 

Facing History and Ourselves – This organization combats racism, anti-Semitism, and prejudice and nurtures democracy through education programs worldwide. My son Ben is working in their Toronto office, supporting teachers in delivering classroom curriculum on holocaust and genocide issues.

Resurgence – This is the website for the spiritual and environmental
British magazine, Resurgence, which addresses many important questions about today's world – how to understand it and how to make positive change in it.

Verge  – A Canadian magazine that offers timely information on jobs, volunteer opportunities, study and travel in the Global South .

Citizen Active – My friend David McConkey writes this column in the Brandon Sun. For example, see Ways to Leave a Legacy.