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Zack Gross

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Current Projects

For the latest on activities related to fair trade and international development, check out the websites of the Canadian Fair Trade Network, and MCIC.  Manitoba has been a leader in fair trade in recent years with several towns, cities, schools / campuses, workplaces and faith groups achieving Fair Trade Designation.
To get more detailed information or to get further involved, in Manitoba, contact Laura Wiebe at; for the CFTN, contact Sean McHugh at;  for Fairtrade Canada, contact"
Right now, I continue to serve as:

President, Board of Directors, the Marquis Project,
Brandon, Manitoba. Check out the Marquis Project,

Member, Advisory Council, the Canadian Fair Trade Network
Check out Canadian Fair Trade Network.  Like us on Facebook.

Member, Board of Directors, Fairtrade Canada our national certification body for fair trade products and a major promoter of fair trade ideas and products.
Check out Fairtrade Canada.

Member, Board of Directors, Evergreen Basic Needs  our local food bank and thrift shop in Gimli, Manitoba.
Check out Evergreen Basic Needs.